How to create fashion flat lays, Polyvore style

clothing flat lay

Remember the good ol’ days when Polyvore was a thing?

You’d pretend you were a magazine editor, pull in a bunch of clothes you couldn’t afford and lay them out as if they were a fashion feature in Vogue. sigh

Polyvore might be gone, but the days of making pretty flat lays with your clothes are not.

Introducing The ‘drobe outfit builder. Think of us as Polyvore’s chic, budget conscious sister.

We’re all for drooling over clothes you’re coveting, but you know what’s even better? Learning to covet your own clothes.

See, we have this theory that the main reason we’re always struggling to find something to wear is because our poor clothes are shoved into a closet where we can’t see them.

And even if you CAN see them, they look nothing like the pretty pieces we saw displayed so perfectly in store (or photographed to perfection on our favourite e-commerce store).

But your clothes are – usually – just as gorgeous as when you bought them. They’re just missing the chance to show you how awesome they still are. Which is why it’s high time you put them in the spotlight.

Here’s how:


Option 1: Try doing a Google search for your items (or going back to the website where you bought them) and if you can find them, save an image to your phone, desktop or Cloud storage.

TIP: If you can’t find the exact item but find something similar, just save that instead. The idea is to create a visual representation of your outfit but not all the details have to be spot on!

To save it, right-click on the image and click Open Image in New Tab
Once you’re sure it’s a good quality image to use, right click and “Save Image As…”

Option 2: Take some photos of your items laying flat on the floor (put down a sheet or towel in a contrasting color with no patterns — white is great for any items that aren’t white!)

Then head to where you can upload your photos and remove the background so it looks like a professional image. Download them and save to your desktop or Cloud storage.


Now it’s time to download The ‘drobe app to your iPhone or Android and sign up for a free account. It’s really easy to use, but you’ll also find a bunch of app tutorials here if you get lost.


Once you’re logged in you can start adding items to your (virtual) wardrobe using the images you saved. These will get saved by category to make them super easy to find again.


Next, head over to the Outfit Builder and get creative! You can add key pieces, accessories, bags and shoes and once you save it, you’ll have a gorgeous Polyvore style fashion flat lay of YOUR OWN clothes.

And that’s it! You now have the power to create your own flat lays without needing Polyvore to return from the grave.

Have fun ?

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