How to Style Sweatpants

Admit it. Sweatpants have become one of your wardrobe’s mainstays and you’re kinda relieved. After all… they’re just so 👏🏻 damn 👏🏻 comfy 👏🏻

…But does wearing them mean you need to give up on looking stylish? We think not.

While just throwing them on with that threadbare sweater of yours doesn’t exactly scream “WFH chic”, if you know how to style sweatpants the right way, you won’t just be feeling yourself — you’ll probably make your Zoom buddies jealous.

Ready for some sweatpant style inspo? Let’s do this.

1. Wear them with a bodysuit

Having a snug fitting top helps balance out the bulkiness of the pants and with a simple chain around your neck, can look pretty expensive. The perfect example of business on top, (pyjama) party on the bottom.

2. Add a leather jacket

Contrast = interest so by adding some structure and fabric that gives the whole outfit an edge, the sweatpants now look street rather than… sleep. Try and find a moto jacket that’s nice and soft and for a finishing touch, throw on a chunky scarf.

3. Layer with denim

Your favourite faded, oversized denim jacket is the perfect way to add some 90s grunge to this look without compromising comfort. This example works particularly well because the sweatsuit is in a light, neutral color plus has a matching top and bottom which looks luxe.

4. The crossbody bag

Adding a dainty crossbody bag in a similar color palette will help tone down the sporty look of this outfit while breaking up the bulkiness of the fabric. The neutral palette of this look and the subtle side tuck of the sweater all help to elevate this look (you know, in case you actually want to leave the house without worrying about who you might bump into).

5. Throw on a trench

If all else fails, even just throwing on your favourite trench coat will help you look pulled together even if you’re in your oldest sweatpants and your hair is is 30% dry shampoo. Something with a relaxed fit and lighter fabric is ideal, plus to make it look more intentional, keep the shade of your trench fairly close to the color of your sweats (light with light, dark with dark).

So... feeling a little more inspired to rock your loungewear?

Good! But we know how easy it is to forget these tips when you’re standing in front of your ‘drobe each morning trying to get dressed. So if you haven’t already, download The ‘drobe app free and create some ready-to-wear outfits using sweatpants so you never get stuck again. 

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