7 Simple Work From Home Outfits that are Comfy AND Chic

best work from home outfits

In need of some outfit inspiration while WFH? We got you.

One of the trickiest things about working from home is trying to choose an outfit to wear. It’s so tempting to say in PJs all day, but then the motivation goes out the window (and it means risking not being ready for surprise Zoom meetings!) 

But work from home outfits can’t just be the same thing you’d wear to the office. Comfort is key, they should at least look polished from the waist up, and they should give you a confidence boost so you don’t find yourself wanting to embrace hermit life for good.

So to help you get out of your WFH outfit rut, we’ve pulled together 7 outfits to cover a variety of different seasons, comfort levels and style tastes. Enjoy!

Work from home outfit 1: Minimalist Chic

This outfit is so easy to pull together. All you need are some stretch jeans (or leggings), a boyfriend fit tee with oversized cardigan, and a few metallic accessories to bring the outfit to life.

Work from home outfit 2: Woke Up Like This

The perfect compromise if you need to look camera-ready but aren’t too stressed about what’s on the bottom! Pick a cardigan in a flattering color, texture and neckline (could be worn on its own or thrown over a white tee or simple cami) and then throw on your comfiest boyfriend jeans and some cute slippers so you feel comfy all day.

Work from home outfit 3: Power Player

If you’ve got a Zoom meeting in which you want to impress (but not look stuffy and uncomfortable), a tee + colored blazer + fun earring combo is perfect. Sneakers will keep you grounded, but hey – if you want to give it some Devil Wears Prada, then throw on your favourite pumps before you log on 😉

Work from home outfit 4: Boho Inspired Minimalist

Looking for something fuss-free and uber comfortable while still looking elegant? A lightweight tunic in a flattering tone over some leggings with a delicate necklace will work beautifully. And since no one can see your feet anyway, why not throw on your fluffiest slippers?

Work from home outfit 5: Coffee Date Ready

If you’ve got something planned to get you out of the house but don’t want to have to change, then a tank or well fitted tee with paperbag pants will work as your base and when you’re ready to leave, just throw on a denim jacket and espadrilles or sneakers and you’re good to go!

Work from home outfit 6: Creative Flow

Something as simple as a midi dress with espadrilles looks incredibly polished while still giving you the freedom to move, unrestricted. To really elevate the look, add some large earrings and a bold lip – and if you need to tone it down for a Zoom call, throw on a black blazer.

Work from home outfit 7: Cute'n'Cozy

Let’s be real: some days you just want to feel cozy (without resorting to your threadbare college hoodie). So to make the look work appropriate, choose an oversized turtleneck in a soft color and pull your hair back with a satin scrunchie or a headscarf. No one needs to know you’re in trackies 😉

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