See what’s new in version 1.3.5

The 'drobe - Version 1.3.5

Updates always make us do a happy dance, but here’s why you should care about the latest version of The ‘drobe.

Instead of a long list that scrolls for days, the items inside your wardrobe are now displayed as thumbnails.

v1.3.4 vs v1.3.5

This means the way you delete your items has changed too! Rather than swiping left, simply hold down on the item you want to delete then we’ll ask you to confirm whether it’s time to say goodbye or not.

The 'drobe - Deleting an item

You’ll also notice that adding your items is way quicker now because all you need to do is select a category and add your image (rather than having to select fabric type, cut etc). You can also leave notes on each item in case you need to remember something for later.

By the way, you know how to remove your image backgrounds so they look ? right…? Check out our easy tutorial here.

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