Version 1.3.6 is the key ?

The 'drobe - Version 1.3.6

Our latest update is all about signing in. It’s now possible to login (or sign up if you haven’t created an account yet) with the most common socials and email providers.

For the iOS app you can pick from Google, Facebook or Apple. As shown in the screen grab below:

Social Authentication - iOS
Social Authentication for iOS

For Android, Google and Facebook are available.

Social Authentication - Android
Social Authentication for Android

Why bother adding this functionality you might ask…

The answer is simple. We know that sometimes creating a brand new account can be a pain in the butt. Like, really… ANOTHER username and password to remember? ?
Using your favourite platform will remove that drama from the equation so you can just enjoy organising your virtual wardrobe.

Something’s coming!

Another reason we decided to add a more universal way to login into The ‘drobe is because we have been working on a new way for you to create your outfits.
This is coming very soon and we have a feeling you’re going to love it ?

Smarter notifications

Our team added some fancy new code which will come through to you as better notifications. It’s now possible for The ‘drobe to send you images as well as some extra info that will point you to the right direction when opened.
With this said, we won’t change the frequency of our communications as we know you appreciate having a zen lock screen ??

Performance & bugs

For the iOS version of The ‘drobe, we decided to stop supporting iOS 9. This decision will give us the ability to add more featues that use only the latest iOS technologies (10 onwards) without bloating the code with compatibility checks.

As for the bugs, we’re always out there ready and armed with our virtual fly swatter (aka code and coffee).

This is all for the latest release! Be sure to get in touch if you’d like to suggest any features, if you spot anything that doesn’t look right or simply to say hi ?
Meanwhile, check out why you always feel like you have a full wardrobe and nothing to wear ??‍♀️

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