Version 1.3.7 brings The ‘drobe straight to your tablet

The 'drobe - Version 1.3.6

We have a long list of ideas and features we want to add to The ‘drobe to make your life easier, but this one has been top of our list for awhile!

The reason behind it

We noticed that 10% (yes, we checked!) of you liked ‘drobing from your tablet and we thought it was only fair to give you the same experience that you get while creating outfits on the phone or when using the desktop version of The ‘drobe.

And here it is!

Forget about that ugly frame around your workspace, if you’ve ever used Instagram on an iPad you know what we mean (don’t worry Instagram, we still love you!)

Everything should work exactly the way you’re used to.

We know it takes time and commitment to categorise your garments, so don’t worry, if you already have an account created on a different device you’ll be able to pick up where you left off (just make sure you’re using the same profile to login).

Quick tip: if you’re not sure about what email to use just go to the profile screen on the app and you’ll find it there!

If this is your first time using The ‘drobe, then just sign up following the prompts and unleash your outfit creativity!

‘Til next time

That’s it for this update! Happy ‘drobing… also from an iPad now ?

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